Appropriate Resolutions for life’s relationships.

Text Box: Never attack someone until you've counted the cost of winning. - WILLIAM URY
Text Box: What motivates people to agree or disagree?

 The APES© …
… are what conflicts are all about!
Where conflict begins, and ends!

…OUR APES© our… Assumptions… Perceptions ...Expectations & Solutions

       The more escalated the environment, the longer the APES© remain 'un-managed', the more important (larger) the APES© will become.


As they grow, they gain the power to critically damage any resolution process,

and the relationship(s) involved.



Assumptionswhat people THINK they know.

Perceptionswhat people SEE … through THEIR own lenses.

Expectations…what people assume WILL, MIGHT, or 'SHOULD' happen.

Solutionshow people manage differences, trying to get what THEY want, or need.

       Taming your APES© may be the most difficult challenge when you're in the middle of an escalating conflict. Follow the link to a quick guide outlining what to watch for while you're trying to manage and resolve differences with someone.   More about “managing your APES”...

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                           it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.   - William A Foster

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ABOUT Conflict...  What conflicts look like…

DisputesWHAT DO DISPUTES LOOK LIKE,  and how do people react or respond when conflicts escalate into disputes? (the many faces of conflict),.

COMMUNICATION & CONFLICT  Definitions, terms, jargon

CONFLICT RESOLUTION TIPS AND GUIDELINES: Strategies and behaviours for you to apply when in conflict.

CONFLICT CHRONICLES: Original stories by Joseph Ravick with a common theme. The chronicles feature real-life conflicts describing the people, their relationships, and the outcomes which they experienced whether they liked it or not.