Appropriate Resolutions for life’s relationships.

Joseph RavickText Box:  W	hat are Appropriate Resolutions... 
Text Box: Everything we do in life is about resolutions; resolving needs like hunger, love,     relationships, and bottom-line security. 

Each of us defines and values ‘needs’ differently. 

Appropriate resolutions are what most of us strive for.

When we feel that the resolutions are appropriate, most people will say “life is good.”

WHAT IS Appropriate Resolutions

Research involves exploring human behaviours, theoretically and experientially. Through direct dialogues with practitioners and disputants, situational realities and outcomes (real world) are surveyed and analyzed. On-line and hard-copy’ published sources are also studied to confirm those theories and strategies which will help people decide what to do, what to watch out for, and generally speaking, how to handle conflicts and disputes as effectively as possible in any environments.   



· Strategic Leadership Coaching: interpersonal and situational.

· Strategic Conferencing: executive and staff teams, community groups, not-for profit Directors.  

· Keynote presentations.


· Appropriate Resolutions™ on the web.

· Articles and features (by Joseph Ravick) for hard copy and digital publications.

· Conflict management and resolution policies and protocols (norms), developed to meet organizational values and strategic needs; including critical implementation options and recommendations as required.


        For any of these options, or if you have any other ideas about how we might collaborate, please email Joseph Ravick or telephone 604-414-3965. Thank you.


Appropriate Resolutions

Research,   Education,  Publishing…


… solutions for conflict resolution and relationship management.


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ABOUT Conflict...  What conflicts look like…

DisputesWHAT DO DISPUTES LOOK LIKE,  and how do people react or respond when conflicts escalate into disputes? (the many faces of conflict),.

COMMUNICATION & CONFLICT  Definitions, terms, jargon

CONFLICT RESOLUTION TIPS AND GUIDELINES: Strategies and behaviours for you to apply when in conflict.

CONFLICT CHRONICLES: Original stories by Joseph Ravick with a common theme. The chronicles feature real-life conflicts describing the people, their relationships, and the outcomes which they experienced whether they liked it or not.