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Home-based business vs. strata council” continued


     In a case with similar issues, home-based businesswoman Beth Brown spent time with the strata council chair to reach a mutual understanding first about what was important to each party. Agreeing they shared values about community spirit and neighbourliness made it easier to resolve differences amicably about her at-home business activity. Brown assured the council that clients would no longer be coming to her home and wandering around the property, and, at the same time, she was satisfied since she could carry on her business while remaining friends with her neighbours and co-owners.


Partners’ blow-up over ‘widgets’


       Jon and his dad William White joined with Samuel and Patricia Green to realize their common dream of owning and managing a small manufacturing business. For the first five very busy years, all worked diligently as friends and colleagues. Father and son marketed the products and handled administration, while the couple managed production and distribution.


         Then one day, a verbal explosion between two of the partners exposed an underground conflict. Ostensibly over administrative practices, the flare-up quickly deteriorated into areas like how hard each worked, surprising both partners by the vehemence demonstrated by the other. Clearly what had been percolating below the surface had now boiled over, bringing their enterprise to the brink of disaster. When their bank manager, also a friend, heard a brief description from William White about what was going on, he recommended an industrial mediator. The divisive differences, by now, had invaded all parts of the owners’ personal and professional lives, and all were quick to agree.


         The mediator helped the owners acknowledge their common dream, so the four challenged their “conflict monster” — their common threat — instead of each other. Curiosity replaced judgement as they collaboratively problem-solved and established open, active lines of communication and a conflict-resolution process for future differences. Ten years later, their business has grown beyond what even they had envisioned. The experience of resolving that first big blow-up has undoubtedly helped their success.


J & K Resource Centre dispute


        Jane Black and Katherine White’s problems began when the partners became drawn into a staff conflict between their two office administrators, Betty Brown and Alice Gray. As the conflict spiralled out of control, each of the disputants targeted either Jane Black or Katherine White or both, triangulating to gain support. Now, with the entire staff involved, communications came to an abrupt halt, as did all but day-to-day operations. White became so frustrated, she gave up her share of the enterprise, preferring to take a financial loss and move on with her life. Today, their dream of a “bliss station” offering counselling, therapy, massage, books, and coffee, is history. … More of “The Cost of Being Right...

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