Appropriate Resolutions for life’s relationships.


Become pro-active…
…envision your options, plan your actions!

     Next time something happens which makes you uncomfortable, which, based on your past history might trigger you, ...BEFORE you REACT!



Think about what you want to achieve...


o for yourself

o for the other

o for the relationship you want and envision.

1. Prioritize which of the above is most important to you in the short term and for the future.

2. Map out how you might get what you wish and plan to achieve, BEFORE YOU LEAP.

3. Review your plan(s), check them out against WHAT you planned to accomplish, making sure your projected outcomes are realistic and aligned with your goal(s),

4. Move forward and act…gently as if walking on eggs.

5. Reflect and review, during and after: check our whether you are in line with your plan.



        New 6.   Develop an alternate plan to satisfy your initial 'preferred outcome'.



       New 7.    Amend what you want and need in the spirit of contributing to a functional and harmonious relationship with the other.

            If however you did explode when triggered, or if others perceived that you acted aggressively or inappropriately, build a bridge by taking/accepting responsibility for your actions.

                 This is not giving in. You will be emphasizing the importance of the relationship to you; a consistent acknowledgement for you to give, if it’s true. 

A hissy fit?Text Box: Create  and  React…       …the same letters  having very different consequences.
 With creativity, you get resolution.

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