Appropriate Resolutions for life’s relationships.


… your mission if you care about having functioning relationships!



     Your assistant doesn't get the report to you in time for your "…very important meeting…!"


o Your son/daughter/wife/Husband or '?' keeps you waiting when you have 'googolplexes' of critical things to do!


o You can't understand why she did that and you are "pissed." After all, you told her exactly what you wanted."


o Bike paths on your street? What a great idea; after all, every one on the street has a driveway.  So why that 'nay saying' petition for city council? What's their problem?


       Whatever the glitch, whatever the hold-up, whatever the delay, blaming others will rarely make things happen at the speed you want or generate the results you might prefer.  Instead of reacting with anger, impatience, or some type of angst-generated behaviour, PRACTICE PATIENCE by stepping back, reflecting on WHAT YOU wish to accomplish, and begin a dialogue strategized to:


· maintain a functioning relationship with the other(s), …

· identify the differences and the underlying perspectives, beliefs, and OPTIONAL solutions available, … and…

· resolve the differences without bitterness, resentment or, in worst case scenarios, even hatred.


       The greater anyone's perceived loss, the greater the potential for escalation and reactions which are less than constructive; at least in relationship terms. So if you really care about the relationship, you will need to really find out what's going on with her/him/them. You are going to have to PATIENTLY listen and empathize, ultimately collaborating on workable solutions. When potentially acrimonious issues come up, people often look at the problem details from opposite ends of the tunnel. So if you want to work together moving in a common direction, in this case collaborative resolution, instead of crashing into each other, you will need patience. Often to the exclusion of all else.


       So next time you see a 'crash' of wills hurtling towards you, PRACTICE Patience. The effort will be worth it if relationship is your goal.    

Text Box: One moment of patience may ward off great disaster. One moment of impatience may ruin a whole life.  			- CHINESE PROVERB unattributed

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