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Text Box: "The great thing in life is not where we stand, but what direction we are moving."

Communicating for understanding requires 
more than just good listening skills.

       “I will support you during this transition,” said the General Manager.  Bonny breathed a huge sigh of relief as her boss gave her that ironclad assurance; or that’s what she thought. Up to that point, with all the changes happening around the office, she had worried and agonized that her job was on the line. With his statement, she now believed that she would be ok, no matter what.


       That is what she heard… and believed; then. 


       However, two months later, after three more meetings with her supervisor about performance issues, she was called in and informed that her progress was unsatisfactory and that unfortunately, they had no choice but to replace her with someone who could do the job. In effect, she was being laid off. She was shocked, surprised, and devastated. After all, her boss had said that he would support her.


       Was she misled? Or did she assume what he meant, hearing and understanding what she needed for her own peace of mind? 


       Communication is how we share ideas, thoughts and meaning. Problems only arise because of the ever changing complexities around communicating. Words mean different things to different people. And when we add how they’re used to the mix, we often can only assume how those words and phrases are heard and interpreted by those who hear them.


       When we speak,


· We send a message based on what we intend another to hear.


· The listener receives our message which is filtered through their perceptions of what we have said and any other assumptions or expectations or experiences which are important to them. In effect they hear and filter our words though their individual view of the world and their place in it.


· Likewise, we interpret their words or "feedback."


       If anything depends on the words you’re communicating, or hearing, check out that there is a common read mutual, understanding. Resolving conflicts and avoiding escalation will depend on it. 

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