Appropriate Resolutions for life’s relationships.

Text Box: Stop, Look, and Listen … three actions which will change the dynamics  of conflict in your life.

     Sound too simple and simplistic? Try it anyway next time you observe or experience an increase in stress, tension, or any other clues which might point to a possible escalation. What have you got to lose? And don't forget to 'pay attention' to those subtle clues to do with the communications between you; both verbal and NOT.


Stop…      Break the cycle of escalation by stopping and stepping back from the brink.

Look…      Record and register (in your mind) what’s really going on with the other(s) involved. You can only respond to what is in your ‘view’, or ‘frame’. If you don’t see it, what can you possibly do about it?

Listen…    Pay attention passively and actively with all your senses, including the intuitive ones. If you’re not clear about the Whys and Wherefores, take a time-out for de-escalation and reflection. Then, at an agreed-upon time just right to listen and discuss, explore all the potential options for healthier and more functional interactions leading to positive relationship-focussed outcomes.

Text Box: Learn to pause... or nothing worthwhile will catch up to you.   - DOUG KING

The Consequences to Conflict…


        ...If un-managed, conflict will…


o generate adversarial relationships,

o build up resentment, 

o serve as fall-out on other people and situations, 

o create discontent, griping etc.


        …If managed effectively, conflicts can…


o prevent stagnation and motivate personal and organizational change, 

o identify and resolve problems before they escalate into more serious disputes, 

o generate group cohesion, improved performance and engender a collaborative, team-centered environment. In community groups and families, these benefits would also accrue, they might merely look different in their details.

Text Box: Efficient and fair resolution to conflict is not inevitable.
All conflict will be resolved, sooner or later, satisfactorily or not.

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ABOUT Conflict...  What conflicts look like…

DisputesWHAT DO DISPUTES LOOK LIKE,  and how do people react or respond when conflicts escalate into disputes? (the many faces of conflict),.

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CONFLICT RESOLUTION TIPS AND GUIDELINES: Strategies and behaviours for you to apply when in conflict.

CONFLICT CHRONICLES: Original stories by Joseph Ravick with a common theme. The chronicles feature real-life conflicts describing the people, their relationships, and the outcomes which they experienced whether they liked it or not.