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	Sometimes, decisions, and the outcomes arising from those decisions, prove to be less than preferred not because the decision was wrong, but because the method, or process by which the decision was reached was less than effective, or complete.

Reframing:    Reframing is the technique/skill of slightly modifying the words and/or context of a party's statement in order to recast it in a positive vein. Reframing will defuse emotions, eliminate blaming, accusing, or derogatory comment, identify underlying needs or concerns, emphasize positive goals, and identify common ground.

Resolution:   The determining act which brings closure to a dispute or conflict. Settlements to a negotiation, litigation, or arbitration are examples of resolution. In a family setting, both separation and divorce may bring about closure to a conflictual situation.

Segue:          A transitional path or process whereby one can move from one relational state to another. For example, the segue to effective conflict management and satisfactory resolution requires collaboration and cooperation.

Self disclosure:  Helpful to motivating collaboration, self-disclosure is the process of disclosing the speaker's, experiences or feelings.

Self talk:       Internal thoughts which may trigger behaviours which may have positive or negative consequences. Such thoughts are usually motivated by assumptions, perceptions, and/or expectations and when negative, may generate increased anxiety and anger.

Summarizing:     A technique/skill by which one party or a mediator , in her/his own words, accurately restates what the parties have said in order to accentuate, to confirm understanding, to reinforce communications between the parties and to focus the parties on the progress being made.

Teamwork:    Teamwork/Partnering is the process whereby people, co-workers and in the case of mediations, the disputants and the mediator work together towards a common goal.  In effect, to create a functional team is to create and maintain a friendly, co-operative, dynamic, and productive working climate. Effective teamwork/partnering also depends on each participant’s commitment to finding acceptable resolution through collaboration to challenges which arise.”

Transformation: The change in attitude that may occur when the parties become empowered and willing and able to recognize the worth and value of the other person. Such a shift is often demonstrated by amended behaviour.

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