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growing...more're almost there...Text Box: “He makes me so angry I can’t think!  I’ve tried and tried, 
but still end up in a screaming match and nothing gets resolved.

An Adult Learning Continuum

     If competency is their goal, most humans must progress through the adult learning continuum... the process by which we learn to do new things more and more effectively. Usually, the more complex and difficult the task, the more practice it will take to adapt your mind, body and spirit to the new challenges facing them. And we all do that at our own speed. This applies to any new skills or skill-sets. And it's not only an adult reality!

      So if you want to amend your behaviour when challenged with conflict, it will take time and a lot of patience with yourself. It may also require some professional expertise to help you manage some of the steep learning curves. So if you want or need to gain competency in managing conflictual interactions, in negotiating your needs, your competency needs to become your goal.

      Accept that it takes more than one workshop for most of us to change our behavioural norms. Be patient with yourself. If you’re serious about your competency, then the following learning continuum is mandatory to one extent or another.

NOTE: Incompetence is defined as simply not knowing how to do a 'thing' well when measured against accepted criteria and/or benchmarks; competence is assumed to be the opposite.

Text Box: Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it. 


"A little knowledge that acts is worth infinitely more than much knowledge that is idle."

- KAHIL GIBRAN with thanks to Anna Parker in Victoria, Canada 

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ABOUT Conflict...  What conflicts look like…

DisputesWHAT DO DISPUTES LOOK LIKE,  and how do people react or respond when conflicts escalate into disputes? (the many faces of conflict),.

COMMUNICATION & CONFLICT  Definitions, terms, jargon

CONFLICT RESOLUTION TIPS AND GUIDELINES: Strategies and behaviours for you to apply when in conflict.

CONFLICT CHRONICLES: Original stories by Joseph Ravick with a common theme. The chronicles feature real-life conflicts describing the people, their relationships, and the outcomes which they experienced whether they liked it or not.  

Stage One… Unconscious Incompetence: When we don’t yet know what we don’t know and need to know.

Stage two… Conscious Incompetence: When we begin to understand what we don’t know, and what we need to learn.

Stage three… Conscious competence: When we begin to apply what we need to learn, our new skills and knowledge. Carefully and mindfully we take our first 'baby' steps.

Stage four… Unconscious competence: When we apply the new skills and knowledge, often without conscious thought, usually accomplishing what we set out to do. After measuring the outcomes, if course. "Look Mom, no hands!" 

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